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Closure of A & C
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Our Van

We have now decided not to sell our beloved van-instead the old Blue transit is going.
However she (Grey) continues to play us up... Kez has been tinkering incessantly with it to aid fuel consumption etc...plus I think he is secretly in love... Just updating the carb and need to get new jets then she will be up and running again...yippee..in time for Kop Hill which we are looking forward to.

We have also decided to look into a trade stand at Sywell for the Piston & Props event the last weekend in September, looking at the website it should be good.

Our Van

Just to let you know...
The van is now up and running-it is ace-however we have decided to put it up for sale to re-invest in the business.
I shall post some up to date pics soon and details of the work thus far.

Our New Work Van

Please welcome the new addition!!
Yes it is in a sorry old state-been sat in a yard for nigh on 10 years..
Guessed what it is yet??
Mark 2 Transit with a Dormobile body-listed as a parcel van. It was used by the MOD as a Radio van.
So Far: Complete front & rear brake overhaul, cambelt, water pump, overhauled radiator, engine service items, repair accident damage to rear panel and light unit, re-attach fuel filler neck and a replacement bonnet to be blasted, painted and fitted along with blasted and re-painted wheels.
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