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Classic vehicles


Before shot  blastingWhat a beauty.

The story of this lovely classic car is a bit of a warning to us all.
The previous so called restorers had covered the whole body in about 5 mil of filler, in some places up to 10 mil. So what does an aluminium body do-it flexes! So the gorgeous red paint job was useless.
Showing the depth of fillerLuckily it was passed onto a reputable restorer who was making good the damage done previously.
Ready for restorationAs the filler was so thick we could not use the soda to blast the vehicle-which we usually use on ally as it is a softer metal.

Our first vehicle-Sunbeam Alpine

We were presented with a Sunbeam Alpine which the owner was lovingly restoring and was interested in using our soda blasting service to strip the paint from the poor thing.
It had been left outside by the previous owner and was in a sorry state.
Sunbeam before soda blastingWe encountered a few problems along the way, mainly with the equipment, the weather-we were blasting outside to start with! and the surface. So any hint of rain and it was a mad dash to cover the classic vehicle up and get it inside the workshop.
Sunbeam after soda blastingThe gentleman concerned had ruled out sand blasting as, although it would clean the surface well, it may also have caused alot of problems where the metal was rusty and possibly blown more holes in the vehicle.


Thinking about restoring your Classic vehicle?
Worried about that tedious job of paint stripping?
Do you want a nice clean surface to work with?
Then Soda Blasting is the answer.
Call for a quote and friendly advice.

A & C Soda Blasting

Well let me give you a bit of insight.

We started this business late 2010, with the idea of mainly concentrating on Classic cars and vehicles, we have soda blasted an array of items from wood through to fibreglass mannequins! The soda blasting works well on most surfaces-also carbon fibre-which gives us another string to our bow!!
We are currently upgrading our workshop-Carey or Kez as he prefers to be known is busy over there at the moment sorting out a purpose built blasting booth and integrating various other assets to allow us to offer as many services as possible based around the soda blasting.
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