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Aircraft pics-after

Here are the after pictures of the aircraft parts we recently blasted:
Tail plane after soda blastingAircraft canopy after soda blasting-close upAircraft canopy after soda blasting
The tail plane came up beautifully after soda blasting, the canopy was a bit tricky!-lots of masking as they have perspex windows, so we had to be very careful between the windows, none the less it stripped all of the paint off and no damage done.
So it is now ready for preparation and etch priming.
I believe these parts are from a 'ChipMunk''

Update May

Well what a shame about the weather-all of those celebrations planned-lets hope it clears up for the jubilee.

Just to let you know we have now started soda blasting aircraft parts, including cockpits, wings, fuselage and engine parts.

Here are a few 'before', will update with the 'afters' next week:

Aircraft cockpit: masked up and ready for soda blastingBefore soda blastingAircraft: Nose cone before soda blasting

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