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Closure of A & C
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Goodwood 2014

Well we finally managed to get there-courtesy of Haymarket Publishing-thanks
Next year I shall make sure I book well in advance..

It was a glorious day and good to see some of the cars we has soda blasted on the track..

Here are some pics for those of you who could not go..Bit messy-never could get the hang of moving them!!

Our Van

We have now decided not to sell our beloved van-instead the old Blue transit is going.
However she (Grey) continues to play us up... Kez has been tinkering incessantly with it to aid fuel consumption etc...plus I think he is secretly in love... Just updating the carb and need to get new jets then she will be up and running again...yippee..in time for Kop Hill which we are looking forward to.

We have also decided to look into a trade stand at Sywell for the Piston & Props event the last weekend in September, looking at the website it should be good.

Prestwood Steam Rally

This was the first time we had attended as a Trade stand, it was a good experience for us.
We made some excellent contacts and discussed various clients projects.
It was very well organised, good facilities and of course loads of Steam engines.
We shall definitely go next year.
All the best

Our Van

Just to let you know...
The van is now up and running-it is ace-however we have decided to put it up for sale to re-invest in the business.
I shall post some up to date pics soon and details of the work thus far.


Just to let you know;
Our e-mail address has been hacked and as a result all of our e-mail contacts were sent an e-mail about me being stuck in Istanbul.
It is a load of rubbish and to say we are cross is an understatement!!!!
I have now cleaned up our systems and checked our e-mail account.
So it is safe for you to contact us.
Many thanks for all the concerned phone calls-it mean't alot
Take care

Etch priming

Hope you are well.
Our Priming service is now up and running.
This ensures that you, the customer, can have you item/vehicle blasted and it can then be primed giving you more time to sort out your project.
Thus far it has been extremely popular. Here are a few items that have been 'primed'

Etch priming

Due to customer demand-we shall shortly be adding the additional service of 'Etch primimg' meaning you can have your vehicle or items blasted with us and then 'etch primed' giving you valuable time to sort out any necessary bodywork.
This will all be carried out on-site so no carting around!!
Contact us for details.

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Jan 14 issue

A big thank-you to Paul & Enzo for mentioning us in the latest issue of Classic  Motorcycle Mechanics.
Pleasure doing business with you..
Few pics of the head & barrels of Paul's Spa racer;
-To blast this head we used a very fine
Aluminium Silicate. Then over blasted
with Soda to get the finish below.
This gives a nice clean keyed finish ready
for painting.
The barrels below were cleaned using the same process.


Merry Xmas to one and all.
And a healthy & prosperous New Year.
Have a good one.

Kop Hill

Ecurie Ecosse lorry-love itHey
Kop Hill is getting bigger each year..
Loads of beautiful cars.. the Napier-Railton was a monster-stunning and powerful. The Ecurie Ecosse collection very special-personally I love the converted lorry-oh the memories that would have!!
They are thinking of running some modern stuff up the hill in the future-would be nice to see what the 'super cars' can do!!
We had a Bond Bug on our stand that drew a lot of attention plus a gorg. Porsche.
As always met loads of people-old and new.
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