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'An Aid to restoration'
 We also offer a 'weld thru, rust proof ' priming service call for details


A & C Soda Blasting

We are a specialist team who have seen and experienced the benefits of 'Soda blasting' versus the harsher process of Sand blasting.
We  offer this blast cleaning service as an aid to restoration of classic vehicles and many other items.
The workshop was completely upgraded in February 2012 with a purpose built blast cleaning area incorporating a two post ramp.
Carey Parsons , the life-blood of this business, is an avid classic car/classic vehicle enthusiast with years of experience working on modern and vintage vehicles. He can be spotted at many events including Goodwood, Le Man & Silverstone Classic.
The Soda Blasting Process:
The Soda Blasting process is reasonably straightforward- fine soda is sprayed at a regulated high pressure onto the painted or varnished surface of your car/item stripping away the outer material without damaging the substrate, leaving it ready for restoration.
(Please check if you require any wooden items blasted).
 The benefits of soda blasting versus sand blasting were researched  before going forward with this venture.  It was found that soda  can be used for cleaning engine parts without compromising their function as it dissolves in water.  Blasting with soda does not generate any heat , so it is very effective in  stripping paint from car bodies without damaging, distorting or 'peening'  the surface as Sand Blasting can.
Soda Blasting must be carried out with due care and consideration for the surface in question. Be it metal, wood, carbon fibre or fibreglass.
Once soda blasting has been completed the coating of pulverised soda will give some protection to the bare metal for 3-4 weeks (if kept in a warm and dry place)
As Soda does not remove deep rust on ots own,  we are able to offer a harsher but still Eco friendly media for rust removal. Some slight peening may occur but our media will not distort the metal as sand blasting can. It is useful for blasting car body shells that have a large amount of filler or corrosion on them or for the underside of vehicles.
If you are thinking of restoring your classic vehicle then Soda Blasting is a must.
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact A & C Soda Blasting.
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We are situated near Bicester with easy access to the M40 covering Buckinghamshire/Bucks and Oxfordshire. We are within easy reach of High Wycombe, Princes Risborough, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Banbury, Brackley etc.
If you need to have your vehicle delivered then we have contacts that we can refer you to or we can make arrangements. ( See business contact page).
Some of the vehicles that we have had the pleasure of working on:
Sunbeam Alpine x2
Allard J6
Racing Allard
Healey Silverstone x2
Mustang 1966
SAAB Rally car
Sierra Cosworth RS 500 track day car
Audi A4 Touring car
Rolls Royce
Pontiac 1937
Bedford QL Army Lorry
Frog Eye Sprite
Porsche RS
Norton Commando
Aston Martin
Chipmunk Aircraft
Spitfire Aircraft
VW Camper van
Piper Cub
Porsche 911
Willys Jeep
Morris Marina
VW Beetle
A & C Soda Blasting
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