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A & C Soda Blasting
Est. 2011 
'An Aid to Restoration'

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 We  also offer a on-site 'rust-proof, weld thru Priming' service-call for details
A & C Soda Blasting offers a unique service for clients wishing to restore their classic vehicles or strip layers of paint from a variety of items.
  'An aid to classic vehicle restoration'.
A & C Soda Blasting offer the following  blasting services:
Soda Blasting; This is a gentle, environmentally friendly way to strip paint from various items incuding Classic vehicles and aircraft along with varnish from most hard-woods.
Soda blasting is ideal for stripping paint from classic vehicles/classic cars or  blast cleaning engines. It can also be used for stripping paint from magnesium wheels,  blast cleaning  aluminium gearboxes and general car body preparation leaving you able to get on with the restoration of your classic vehicle.
A & C Soda Blasting can also rejuvenate your garden furniture.
Soda blasting does not distort or damage the item as sand blasting can.
A & C Soda Blasting use soda on the following items:
Carbon Fibre
Fibre Glass
Reclaimed items
Fire/smoke damage
Garden Furniture
Classic Vehicles
A & C Soda Blasting also offer a slightly  harsher media which is ideal for removing deep rust, blasting chassis and removing filler. It is also great for removing rust from wrought iron gates.
 We can also use it on aluminium panels that are covered in filler, garden furniture, wrought iron pieces and 'Chromate' coated magnesium wheels.
 All items are blasted on site-to minimise the mess and disruption at your premises.
If you have a restoration project in mind then contact A & C Soda Blasting and discuss your project with Kez.
Telephone: 01296 655753 / 07903850900

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